Clarity (Charity)

Aa I have learned more about UX, I've applied the lens of user-centered design to what I had previously been doing. The questions that seemed to have no answer have been answered and I have an understanding of what the community is calling me to do.

Charity. That's the one word to all the questions. Why did anyone ever pay me money to do this? Charity. Not because my work has merit but because they took pity on me. Because they believe that acts of generosity have some spiritual purpose. It makes sense to me now. They're not laughing at me. They feel sorry for me and giving me a little bit of money for my worthless drawings makes them feel closer to God.

That also explains why they acted like they were doing me a favor when in fact, I was the one performing the service. It also explains why they acted like I owed them flattering drawings. After all, they were giving me charity. So naturally, they expect it return. They expected me to be charitable in my dipictions of their faces, bodies and all of their perceived flaws. It all makes perfect sense to me now. People want charity from me.

Therefore, I will answer this call. No longer will this be a for-profit enterprise, I will become a non-profit dedicated to charitable acts done for worthy causes. I'm not really sure how I use my caricatures to help others since they are worthless and nobody wants them. But I'm sure I can help in some way. Maybe I can become a resource for all the other caricature artists out there, who can't afford things like healthcare because people like Robert Bauer trick them into working for less than minimum wage.

I don't know how but at least now I know what people want from me.

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