Living In Late Capitalism Made Me A Marxist

Conservatives are fighting for a system of inequity that forcibly takes wealth from the laborers who produce it and redistributes it to a small group of elitist classist racists who provide no benefit to the rest of humanity.

If you do not believe that the majority of people in the world should have to suffer and toil their entire lives, their most basic needs going unmet, for no other reason but to provide a small group of people more wealth than they will ever need, then you are not Conservative.

Conservativism is a system of injustice that separates humans into two groups, the landlord and the laborer. In this system, the laborer is innately inferior, immoral and deserving of punishment, while the landlord is innately superior, endowed with superior racial genes. His superior genes make him immune to consequence and give him the power to abuse and exploit other humans with impunity. After all, the greater a person's wealth, the closer they are to God and the poors should worship them. This is what Conservativism is.

If you are not a millionaire, you are not a Conservative. You may think you are because you hate gay people but you are just a bigot. Conservatives do love bigots because bigotry is intrinsic to Conservativism. The idea that some people are inherently inferior and this is the justification for the exploitation of these people. This is how racism functions. Black people are inferior therefore slavery is justified. You may share this view but unless you own the plantation, you are a slave. That's how Conservativism works. You are either the slave or the master. This is Conservativism.

The truth is that we are cattle. Our purpose is to be milked for profit our entire lives until we eventually die from our unhealthy lifrstyles and all the unhealthy, toxic food we are forced to eat. This is the system Conservatives are trying to conserve. If you are being milked, you are a cow. You are not a Conservative. You're a fool.

If you're not a Conservative, you could be Liberal, Libertarian, Green, Anarchist, what have you. But the truth is you are none of those things. You are either Conservative or not Conservative. There is nothing else. You are either fighting in this revolution against slavery or you are a Conservative.

So are you or are you not against slavery?

You may think you're a Conservative but if you don't you don't own the plantation, you're not. You're just a bootlicking slave. Fight in the revolution or die with a boot in your mouth. You have no other choice. This is their war but we must fight it.

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