I’ve been saying for years now that I don’t want to draw stupid caricatures anymore, for a long list of reasons but people keep contacting me and offering money to do them. Every time I do, however, I am reminded of all these reasons. It’s always disappointing and I am always unhappy with the outcome. In the past when I felt unhappy with my work, I could say to myself, “Well, I got paid.” But now that I understand people never really liked my drawings and the only reason they call me is because they don’t want to pay full price for another artist, I just don’t want to do it anymore. Knowing that all these people want is cheap, shitty art from me, I have absolutely no incentive to continue doing this. I can only speculate as to why people want such trash. My best guess is that hiring some broke guy with busted teeth to come to their party and draw flattering pictures of them fuels their false sense of superiority. They certainly don’t appreciate art or respect artists. But I guess I’m not an artist. I’m just some cheap clown for privileged people to laugh at. That’s my best guess.

I love living in St. Pete. What a great town. I take walks downtown and it is such an inspiration. The distinct voices of the all the artists are visibly audible in the murals that adorn the downtown architecture. That’s what I want. I want my own unique voice. I want people to want me, not some warped funhouse mirror that only shows people the most “perfect” version of their selves. I use the word perfect in quotes because first of all, perfection does not exist, it’s a stupid abstract idea which does not describe anything in the real world. Yet, these stupid people mutilate themselves in all kinds of bizarre, unnatural ways with unnecessary surgery. It’s sad and disgusting.

I’d love to snap a few photos while I’m out on these walks but I don’t bring my phone with me. I think there was a point in time when a cellular phone was a useful tool but over the past ten years or so, it’s become a nuisance whose usefulness is outweighed by how stupid and irritating they are. The cell phone no longer makes life easier and more convenient. It’s a surveillance device that records all your movements, your private conversations, and all of your personal information. This data is then sold to evil capitalists who want to use the device to control and brainwash, erm… I mean, “influence” you. Being unhindered by this disruptive technology adds to the peace and enlightenment I experience on these walks. It should go without saying that Facebook and Twitter facilitate disinformation and enable fascists. It’s been revealed that these companies know exactly what their platforms are being used for and have refused to intervene. It was only after it was absolutely certain that Trump lost the election that the social networks took away his megaphone. Had his coup been successful, I’m certain that Facebook and Twitter would be first in line to kiss King Donald’s ring.

We all know this yet most of you out there are still using these products that cause you more harm than good, like all the ads for gambling, liquor and “hair restoration” products that cause impotence that you see on these websites. These people are poisoning us. The only way to avoid it is to stop drinking the Kool-Aide. I fought nicotine addiction most of my life. I started smoking as a teenager and I started trying to quit smoking as a teenager. I wasn’t able to fight my way completely free of it until I was in my 30’s. Addiction is a terrible disease. I wouldn’t wish it on a person I hate. Capitalists must hate people like me because all they do is try to force-feed us poison and disease. I guarantee after I post this, I will have cigarette advertising invade my world somehow.

Social media networks are the purveyors of these addictive lies. They present the user with this unrealistic notion of perfection that compels them to inject their faces with toxins and turn their bodies into grotesque abominations. It’s not reality at all. Social networks don’t exist in reality, they are a collection of abstract ideas that are derived from the real world but do not accurately reflect. It’s a house of cards, made of lies. Do your mental health a favor, unplug from it. Go out and live your life in the real world. You’re not going to “go viral”. All social media does is provide evil people with a window into your mind, so that they can use you for evil.

I can admit it when I’m wrong and I guess, according to some people, this makes me weak and easy to influence. The evil people out there think that all they have to do is get me on the phone or on a video chat and I won’t be able to say no to whatever baloney they are selling. So I stopped answering my phone. Now I have an extreme intolerance for sales people. Now, I’m even more deeply opposed to right wing political ideology. You guys think you can persuade me but the harder you try, the deeper I’m going to dig in and entrench myself. I used to be an independent voter but now I’m registering as a Democrat. I’m joining the Democratic Party for two reasons: The Democrats are the only viable political party opposing the Republican attack on democracy and the Democratic Party isn’t radical enough. The distinction between liberal and conservative that exists in mainstream American political thought is a false dichotomy. Liberals are moderate conservatives and the Republican is a party of radical extremists. There is no middle ground anymore. The Republicans call anyone who doesn’t worship Trump and Jesus (in that order) a communist. So the Democrats may as well be communist. I, personally, am not a communist but I understand that the free market isn’t the solution to every social problem. But that makes me a communist, according to the current Republican orthodoxy.

So, you see, there is no middle ground here. Anyone who isn’t working to usurp the will of the people so that Trump can make himself “president for life” (aka King of America) is a communists pedophile who wants to convert your children to homosexuality. We have no choice but to fight these people. They won’t engage in honest, civil debate because they will lose the argument. So they use social media to dunk on libtards like me and when I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong, they pounce on me because they think I am weak and stupid. Excuse me, I mean “influenceable”. It’s sad. I know you guys are out there. I know you are reading this because you think you can “red pill” me but like I said, all you’re doing is pissing me off more. I will die before I join up with the likes of you. You disgust me.

So in closing, I’d like to thank law enforcement, the white supremacy movement and my ex wife for following me online so closely. It really means a lot to me knowing that someone out there is reading all of this.

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