Website Shutting Down Aug 1, 2022

Honestly, I just don’t even want to answer my phone anymore. I got into drawing caricatures to make money. I don’t know why that is so difficult for you people understand. I guess y’all think this is all about my ego because y’all are so wrapped up your own egos. Let me say this one final time: I don’t care. I just don’t care. I don’t care about your crappy low self-esteem and I don’t care about your happiness. I am not some bottoming cuck who needs the approval of others to feel good about himself. I’m sorry that you don’t understand that. All of this has been abuse from day one. The caricature business is disgusting. People like Robert Bauer, Mike Hasson and websites like The Bash (fka “Gigmasters”) and Wedding Pros do everything thing they can to pass along the expense of doing business to the artists that they claim to be helping while they do everything they can make sure artists are paid the lowest prices possible. No thanks. I’m not going to auction myself to lowest bidder like some cheap crack whore desperate for a rock. I work to make money. I didn’t do it because I need your approval or because I like listening to you whine about being overweight, losing your hair or growing old. Everybody gets old, hair loss is perfectly normal and natural, and if you’re not happy with your weight, change your fucking lifestyle. But for Christ’s sake DO NOT call me up, twist my arm over shit like sales tax, fuel expenses and the very nominal hourly rate that I charge just so you can force me to listen to all your bullshit about being fat and old. Fuck you, you fucking cheap, shallow twats. Your happiness means nothIng to me. Your self-image is nothing to me. I do not care about your insecurities. I am not your goddamned therapist and I’m certainly not pretend to be one for a faction of the cost of a real one. You people are sad and pathetic. Get over yourselves. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws. The flaws are what make us beautiful, you fucking stupid dumbfucks. You fucking stupid fucking cheap fucking assholes. You’re not worth it. So give yourselves a pat on the backs, I’ve failed and you’ve succeeded. I wanted to make money drawing caricatures and you’ve done everything in your power to prevent me from achieving my goal. And you won. I’ve lost. I won’t make money drawing caricatures ever again.


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